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Merry Christmas, Mistah J by peachywolf (Mature)
Being locked up in Arkham for Christmas day isn't the right way to spend the...
Toys on His Shelf by magicsiren91 (General)
He always wanted her smiling just like a doll. Is that too much to ask?
The End Of Madness by sparkles64 (Mature)
An old friend has been watching our favorite little jester... What events will...
1 You died....Loved by SillyHorse (Mature)
Warning this story is not for children under 18….well in some people’s...
Cheese by Annithell (General)
Harley and the joker share a sweet moment.
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Revenge Is The Act of Passion by ladyvader99 (Mature)
Sequel to I'll Do What I Have To and You Make Me Perfect. The Joker knows Harley...
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